From Varun Autism Reach Society – Desk

On behalf of everyone at VARUN AUTISM REACH SOCIETY for Autism I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you and your family. We trust that, working together, your experience at VARUN AUTISM REACH SOCIETY for Autism will be an enjoyable and rewarding one.

VARUN AUTISM REACH SOCIETY for Autism provides an education program for all our students, with differentiated learning in all core curriculum areas based on your child’s ability.

Our classroom teachers are dedicated and committed to developing a safe and caring learning environment in their classrooms, and endeavor to make personal attachments with their students and families.

We know that starting a new school is a major milestone for you and your child, and the start of a new phase of life for your family. With this in mind, our aim is to make the transition from preschool and other early childhood services to school as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

VARUN AUTISM REACH SOCIETY for Autism has a dedicated team of staff that meet the needs of our students.

Every student attending VARUN AUTISM REACH SOCIETY for Autism is provided with an individualized learning program to ensure they are able to grow and learn to their full potential.

Many of our students have a dual enrollment, sharing their time between VARUN AUTISM REACH SOCIETY for Autism and their local mainstream school. Staff at Varun Autism Reach Society for Autism work closely with their colleagues in other schools to ensure continuity in the provision of programs.

I would like to encourage you to participate and involve yourself in the life of VARUN AUTISM REACH SOCIETY for Autism.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any issues or suggestions you believe will enhance your child’s enjoyment of, and success at school.