About Autism School

The Day Care & group activities cirrculum is designed to make children independent and capable of doing Activities of Daily living (ADL) on their own.The Day Care & group activities prepares the younger children (age 2 to 7) with ASD adapt to the main stream schools.

Children with ASD who cannot adjust in regular schools are enrolled in full time Autism School & Day Care.These children are trained by special educators (in Autism).Based on the child’s current fuctioning, the child’s class level is decided and a intervention program is developed.

Child and Support Teacher ratio is 1:1.
Day Care children strength in a class is not more than 8 children.


Age 2 to 11 years

•Morning Activity(Calender,Mand)
•Play Time/Yoga
• Art Time/ADL/GAME
•Visual Performance activites
•Receptive Skills,TACT,Imitation Skills

11 years and above

•Independent Self Help skills Training
•Pre Vocational Activities
•Social Adaptive Training like
•Cooking Classes
•Aerobics, Art & Crafts
•Basics Academics
•Visual Recall & Auditory Listening skills

School Curriculum:

•Morning Activity
•Play Time/Aerobics
•Pre- Vocational
•Art Time/ ADL
•Sitting Group Activity (Visual Performance activities)
•Class- time (Academics/Concepts)
•Speech therapy
•Music Time